Influencer with ’40 different personalities’ fights for right to be euthanized

A social media influencer who has multiple personality disorders has declared her bid to end her life at a euthanasia clinic.

Olympe is a 23-year-old content creator – who goes by the handle @we.are.olympe on Instagram and @LejournaldOlympe on Youtube – and boasts 252K followers and 256K subscribers on the social media platforms respectively.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Olympe recently revealed to her followers that she was “in contact with doctors” in Belgium – where euthanasia – the act of deliberately ending a person’s life to relieve suffering – is legal.

The internet star suffers from dissociative identity disorder – a mental condition that involves experiencing a disconnection and lack of continuity between memories, thoughts, actions, surroundings, and identity, per Mayo Clinic.

Watch Olympe’s video below:

However, she said that Belgian doctor Yves de Locht had told her that clinics were not “euthanasia dispensers” and that the process can take many months or years before an individual can use their assisted suicide services.

According to the outlet, Olympe lives with 40 different personalities and said on her social media page (translated from French to English): “In the last quarter of 2023 I will have recourse to assisted suicide in Belgium.

“I am already in contact with the doctors,” she told followers. “It’s not a debate. It’s my life. It’s a decision that I made which was difficult to take.”

Olympe added that she could no longer control the condition or its causes, which allegedly include sexual abuse and locating between different foster homes.

However, the Brussels-based doctor told French paper Le Parisien that the country was weary of being painted as a place where people can willingly take their own lives.

“I haven’t seen her medical dossier but I’ve read her emails. She wants to meet me,” the doctor said. “We do not refuse to meet (people like her) but we explain to them that the process can last months or even years.

“This young woman has announced the end of her life at the end of the year. This date certainly doesn’t come from me. I need much more information before envisaging meeting her,” he added.

The publication stated that the young creator emphasized that she has no desire of setting an “example” for her young followers, and encourages those with similar thoughts to her to “find people around them to lean on”.

Euthanasia – withdrawing or withholding life-preserving treatments – is permitted in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Luxembourg.

Assisted suicide – giving someone the means to end their own life – is prohibited across most of Europe. However, in Switzerland, assisted suicide is legal but active euthanasia is not.

Meanwhile, in France, 170 members of a citizens’ council have started discussing the nation’s approach to end-of-life care and the lawful status of assisted suicide. Proposals will be submitted to parliament in March this year, per DNYUZ.


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