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This Baby Boy Was Born Without A Nose..And He’s Absolutely ADORABLE.

#7 Happiness !


A child when he/she is born is the most adorable thing in the world. It brings with itself immense joy and happiness from everyone. We all love clicking pictures with them and cant stop praising how cute and wonderful they look.

#6 Differnce


This child is also very adorable and has won over the heart of all those who have seen her but he is not an ordinary child, he is a child with a difference.

To know what the difference is, keep reading the beautiful story!


#5 Special One!

He is not the same as other babies of his age yet he is the most adorable of all of them and we bet when you see how he looks you will also not be able to stop yourself from falling in love with his pictures and adoring him!

#4 Proud Mother

Eli Thompson has left everyone who comes to visit him leave with showering praises for him despite him looking different from the rest.

Still wondering, what’s so different about the child!? Read ahead!

#3 Well, yes !

The difference in him is that he was born without a nose. Yes you read that right.

#2 Congenital Arhinia

His condition of being born without a nose in medical terms is called congenital arhinia of which only 47 cases has been reported so far. So he underwent a tracheotomy to make an opening for the nose.

#1 Extend your support!

Tessa Evans also shares the same problem as this child! Both their families were rock of support for each other. Despite this both the kids a

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