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70-Year-Old Woman Looking for Love Decides To Post Newspaper Ad And Goes Viral

A 70-year old woman recently proved that love is important to people of all ages.

After becoming a widow, the woman chose to take matters into her own hands and find a new husband.

The newspaper ad placed by the widow has now become a viral sensation thanks to the unexpected response that she received.

The ad stated in very clear terms what the woman was looking for in a new mate.

“Searching for a new husband,” the widow wrote. “The ideal man will be in my age group, and not beat me. He will not run around on me with other women, and he must satisfy me in bed.”

The woman concluded her bold advertisement by stating that all applicants must be received in person.

Once the ad ran in the local newspaper, the woman waited for a response.

It only took one day before her doorbell rang. She eagerly opened the door, but her excitement soon turned to dismay.

Before her sat an elderly man in a wheelchair. The prospective suitor had no arms or legs.

The widow believed it to be some kind of joke, and told the man so. She wondered how she could possibly accept a man in such a state. Then, the man began to explain.

He stated that he could not beat her because he had no arms. Running around on her was out of the question because he had no legs.

Warming up to the man, the widow asked the question she most wanted an answer to.

“Are you still good in bed?”

Without missing a beat the man replied, “I rang the doorbell, didn’t I?” The widow understood at once that she had found her new husband.

Love isn’t only for the young. It can blossom at any age.

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